What people have to say about Chandra:

Chandra's message, told with captivating enthusiasm, engages and inspires audiences like few others. Her world of high performance skiing teaches many lessons for those who wish to achieve their own goals.

- Dr. Robert Young, (former) Director of UBCO's Distinguished Speaker Series

Chandra is an inspirational speaker. She is honest, open and endearing. I have never seen such a long line up of delegates to meet a speaker after a presentation and Chandra took the time to engage with each and every one of them. We all felt a connection to Chandra as she was speaking, which is hard to accomplish in a room of over 500. Her confidence, her passion and her inspirational message left me with goose bumps. I look forward to hearing Chandra speak again!

- Catherine Decelles, BSc CSEP-CEP, from the Perspectives in Exercise, Health and Fitness Conference

I had the privilege of having Chandra join us to speak with a number of our clients in both Edmonton and Calgary. Chandra shares her powerful message around overcoming obstacles and immense pressure to be the best person she can be today. Her passion exudes from her in the delivery of her message. Chandra is truly an inspiration and everyone should hear her story.

- JP Girard, Partner, Prairie Leader, Morneau Shepell


Check out Chandra's speech "Dream Like An Olympian" from TedXCanmore - November, 2013: